Ten Important Writing Tips

  1. Don’t use no double negatives.
  2. Cliches are old hat. Avoid them like the plague.
  3. Ending sentences with prepositions will not be put up with.
  4. Using foreign words is not apropos.
  5. And never start a sentence with a conjunction.
  6. Passive voice is to be ignored.
  7. It’s important to be specific, more or less.
  8. Never! Ever! Use exclamation points!
  9. Never, also, ever use redundancies respectively.Groan readers do not like puns.

Authors are often asked, “How do you do it?”
It’s as easy as ABC.

Admit your mistakes.
Benefit from them.
Count your blessings.
Dream big.
Envy no one.
Forgive yourself.
Give generously.
Have fun.
Imagine success.
Just say no.
Keep the commandments-no matter what your faith is.
Laugh at yourself.
Maintain silence, rather than hurt someone.
Never, ever, ever quit.
Open your mind.
Pat an animal. Often.
Quit worrying.
Rejoice in small victories.
Shop the sales; you’ll have to.
Think things through.
Use your time. Don’t waste it.
Value your talent and yourself.
Watch your weight. You’ll sit all day in front of your computer.
Xanthippe. (Don’t be one.)
Yearn for success.
Zealously pursue your goals.

You know what? These also could be good rules for life. Do you have some too? Send them to me, and if I can use them here, I’ll give you credit. I promise.